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Daniel Taylor
January 19, 2013

Reality is often complex, and our current situation with regards to gun control is also complex. With the hindsight of history, we can reduce the problem to a simple equation; When a disarmed people falls to tyranny, untold numbers of lives are lost. There is, however, a back-story to each case. Cycles of history have played out. Human nature ran its course.

Will a ban on guns reach the root of our problems?  continue

Stricter Gun Control Laws Will Only Make Citizens Less Safe

With the recent horrible shootings around the nation, the left-wing -- led by President Obama, some members of the Senate and House, and most of today’s media -- are screaming for new gun control laws.   But what would the consequences of such laws be?   A study done by the Justice Department in 1999 analyzed the 1994... continue reading ..