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A Global Death Cult

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February 20, 2012 A Global Death Cult Started World War III On 9/11 To Depopulate Earth"In sheepskin coats, I silence the lambs." - Jay-Z, from his song Murder To Excellence feat Kanye West.


"Anybody vaguely familiar with occultism can easily associate the symbol of the lit torch held high to Lucifer a.k.a. the Light Bearer. Most occult orders secretly acknowledge Lucifer as being the savior of humanity, the fallen angel who liberated men from the oppression of the biblical God (Jehovah, Yahweh). These orders (the main one being Freemasonry) have been working for centuries towards the overthrow of the rule of organized religions to usher in a new age or a “New Order”. At the philosophical center of this order: the Luciferian Doctrine, where men are free to become gods by their own means. The Torch of Illumination is the ultimate symbol of this philosophy and can be found in many instances (see Statue of Liberty, a gift from French Freemasons). The goal of the Illuminist has been put in plain in simple words: they are dedicated to the "coming forth of the conquering light"." - The Vigilant Citizen.


"Batman: Then why do you want to kill me?

The Joker: [laughs] I don't want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, NO! No. You... you... complete me." - From 'The Dark Knight.' 2008. Director Christopher Nolan. Screenwriters Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, and Jonathan Nolan.


"You bring stars into being,

I make them revolve,

The motion in your immobile

Universe is as I breathe my spirit into it.

You only put soul in the body

But the warmth of tumultuous activity

In life is from me.

You show the way to eternal rest,

I direct towards feverish activity and constant striving.

Man who is short‑sighted, clueless and ignorant,

Takes birth in your lap

Attains maturity only in my care." - Muhammad Iqbal. This poem appears in the essay, "Devil in the triangle of Rumi, Goethe and Iqbal," by Dr. Javid Iqbal in October 2001 in the Journal of the Iqbal Academy Pakistan.


"The fifth dimension of Iqbalian Devil is political i.e., how he, on national and international planes, carves out earthly devils in the form of political leaders who through their strategies lead to war, decease, misery and destruction of mankind." - Dr. Javid Iqbal, "Devil in the triangle of Rumi, Goethe and Iqbal."


"Rumi’s long poem titled “Mu‘awiyah & Iblis”, Goethe’s Faust and Iqbal’s verses dedicated to Satan can be considered as great diabolical apologies in the world literature. The three poets blend the “classical” with the “romantic”, and despite the gaps in the times of their lives, their ideas on the role of evil in the spiritual and material development of man are similar.


In Iqbal’s poetic vision, Rumi and Goethe meet in paradise. Goethe reads out to him the tale of the pact between the Doctor and the Devil, and Rumi pays tribute to him in these words:


O portrayer of the inmost soul

Of poetry, whose efforts goal

Is to trap an angel in his net

And to hunt even God.

You from sharp observations know,

How in their shell pearls form & grow,

All this you know, but there is more.

Not all can learn love’s secret lore,

Not all can enter its high shrine,

One only knows by grace divine,

That reason is from the Devil,

While love is from Adam.

(“Jalal and Goethe”–Payām i Mashriq)" - From Dr. Javid Iqbal's essay, "Devil in the triangle of Rumi, Goethe and Iqbal."


"Every religious cult has two sets of differing and distinctive creeds: the exoteric and the esoteric. The exoteric creed is the official, public doctrine, the creed which attracts the acolyte in the first place and brings him into the movement as a rank-and-file member. The quite different creed is the unknown, hidden agenda, a creed which is only known to its full extent by the top leadership, the "high priests" of the cult. The latter are the keepers of the Mysteries of the cult." - Murray N. Rothbard, "The Sociology of the Ayn Rand Cult."


"They have a vision for this world. And Satan has gotten into their souls, and has led them to believe that they're like the gatekeepers of humanity, and they've gotta eliminate all these people, and carry out this big depopulation operation in order to make our world a more manageable place. Over my dead body is some shit like that going to happen." - An American soldier speaking in a YouTube video in October 2011 about the satanic Freemasons in the U.S. Military and their plan to depopulate the world by any means necessary.


"Max: The issue's not whether you're paranoid, Lenny, I mean look at this shit, the issue is whether you're paranoid enough." - From 'Strange Days.' 1995. Director Kathryn Bigelow. Screenwriters James Cameron and Jay Cocks.

We all know the war on terror is a scam. But the reality of the situation goes much deeper.

In my two previous articles, "America, Persia, And Israel Are Being Sacrificed For A One World Order," and "The Last World War of The Modern Age Is Upon Us," the myth of Iranian independence and its mythic conception of Islamic resistance to the "Great Satan" was shattered to dust.


The Mullahs were guided onto the throne in Iran by the Great Satan's hand, so they are controlled opposition, not an anti-imperialist force. They rely on lies and war to stay in power in Iran just like their fellow masonic brothers in Washington, London, and Tel Aviv.


The rulers of Iran, America, and Israel act as adversaries on the world stage within the narrative of "Islam vs. the West," but they are all members of the same secret global fraternity behind the scenes. And they work like gods of the Earth for the same political goals: bring about a world conflict between Islam and the West to serve as a catalyst to depopulate Earth and create a one world order. There is a certain poetry, artistry, and divinity to this pre-arranged mega-plan to cause mega-death, even though it is evil to the core.


The September 11 attacks and the 1979 Islamic Revolution were both engineered by the satanic masonic masters in America, Israel, and Iran for the same purpose: start World War III. And World War III is a mass ritual sacrifice of the blind masses.


The national security elite in America, Iran, and Israel view themselves as the masters of nations and the guiders of fate. Secrecy is essential to preserving their god-like status and advancing their evil plan against humanity.

President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei are political cult leaders, following in the tradition of their predecessors, President Reagan, Ayatollah Khomeini, Margaret Thatcher, and whatever scumbag was Prime Minister of Israel in the 1980s.


These totalitarian cult leaders, and the men who put them in power, are loyal to secret societies, not to nations and peoples. They rule through mind control, secrecy, fear, and propaganda, not through honesty and transparency.


The 20th century was full of cult leaders who led their brainwashed flocks to the afterlife with glory on their lips and prayer in their hearts. The most famous names that come to mind are Jim Jones and Adolf Hitler.


In his book, "Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age," historian Modris Eksteins offered an emotional and psychological picture of Hitler, writing:

"In personal as well as social terms Hitler was a failure. There was nothing natural or straightforward about him. He was humorless, always awkward, always performing. Even his eroticism, said Putzi Hanfstaengl, was "purely operatic, never operative." Everything was artificial and surreptitious. He was incapable of friendship or love or even a genuine smile. Authenticity, which he advertised to the nation, was completely foreign and frightening to him. If he was provoked to laugh, he always put his hand in front of his face. He took pills for gas, terrified as he was of farting. He changed his underwear as often as three times a day. All was symbol, substitution, abstraction. At the center there was nothing, an utter vacuum. Only an audience could give Hitler meaning; he had none himself." (Eksteins, Rites of Spring, pg. 319). Barack Obama may share many of the same psychological disorders and personal traits that Eksteins ascribes to Hitler. Both men would be accomplished actors in another life. Obama should be given the Academy Award for his performance as president.


But Obama, like Bush and Cheney, is not the personification of evil and darkness. He is an empty vessel who speaks the will of his masters, and he can do it effortlessly night in and night out because he is mentally sick. But he still needs a teleprompter to stay on message. He cannot handle a crowd off-script like Hitler, who was a master at it.

Totalitarian cult leaders with mass death on their minds can arise in different political systems, cultures, nations, races, religions, etc. Hitler, Stalin, Khomeini, Reagan, Bush, Obama, and Netanyahu are all totalitarian cult leaders and priests of mass death.


The minds of the masses can be controlled, brainwashed, and enslaved in any number of ways by totalitarian cult leaders. In Iran it is done with religion. In America and Israel it is done with fear, terror, and traumatic events like 9/11.


And it is done for a purpose.


Millions of brainwashed minds in all nations are being prepared by their totalitarian leaders for something big and catastrophic: World War and Depopulation.Posted bySaman Mohammadiat9:29 PM

March 23, 2012 Sarkrazy Uses Terror To Kill Free Speech And Democracy, Will Obama Follow Suit?Sarkozy is koo-koo krazy.

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March 23, 2012 Sarkrazy Uses Terror To Kill Free Speech And Democracy, Will Obama Follow Suit?Sarkozy is koo-koo krazy.

Sarkrazy is so predictable.


First, the totalitarian fascist State kills kids and innocents, and then it uses their deaths to kill free speech and democracy.


Below are two reports from Russia Today and about Sarkrazy's attack on free speech and free thought. Remember: the bodies of the victims of the latest state terror incident in France have not even been buried yet. This is sick and disturbing. This is political exploitation of murder and tragedy at its most vile.


RT: "Sarkozy: Visiting hate and terror websites will be punished," March 22, 2012:

The Toulouse murders and the operation of the alleged killer might bring additional political scores to Nicolas Sarkozy ahead of the future presidential elections, writer Diana Johnstone told RT.


“He [Sarkozy] has completely dominated the television screens for a couple of days as a result of this and shoved the other candidates into the shadows at the time when it was supposed to be the beginning of the campaign,” she said. “So as a matter of fact, Sarkozy just by being present everywhere has already profited from this.”Kurt Nimmo: "Sarkozy: Prosecute and Imprison Readers of “Extremist” Websites," March 23, 2012:

French president Nicolas Sarkozy didn’t wait long to exploit the terror rampage of Mohammed Merah. Soon after Merah’s death in a stand-off with police, Sarkozy said French citizens who visit “extremist” websites should be treated the same way as those who look at child pornography.



“Trying to criminalize a visit — a simple visit — to a website, that’s something that seems disproportionate,” Lucie Morillon of Reporters Without Borders told the Associated Press.


Morillon noted that in order for Sarkozy’s law to be enforced, the internet would require new surveillance technology. “What’s especially worrying for us is how you are going to know who’s looking at what site. Does this announcement mean the installation of a global Internet surveillance system in France?” Morillon said.Sarkrazy, Cameron, and Obama are following the same foreign policy and domestic agendas. They were together in the war against Libya, and they'll be together on popularizing and legitimizing Internet censorship. So we should expect President Obama to make the same type of anti-free speech statements in the wake of a tragic state terror attack in America in the near future.


The national security terrorists behind the Obama administration will stage another terror attack in America to make the American people rally around the President. In July of 2011, Paul Joseph Watson reported that, "Democratic strategists have said the only thing that will save his presidency is a domestic terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City or 9/11."


Watson quoted Democratic strategist Mark Penn, who told MSNBC's Chris Matthews in 2010: "Remember, President Clinton reconnected through Oklahoma, right? And the president right now seems removed. It wasn’t until that speech [after the bombing] that [Clinton] really clicked with the American public. Obama needs a similar defining moment."


So far, the Obama administration hasn't used the tactic of state terrorism to galvanize the American people, but it is an option that remains on the table, ready for use at any time. The state terrorists in Washington are always looking for the right moment to strike. And, as we learned from the 9/11 experience, they move super quickly after an explosive staged event, passing laws that were previously unpopular and unacceptable.


When the state terrorists strike again in America they will immediately pass new anti-social media and anti-free speech laws. Last summer, in the midst of the London riots, Cameron proposed legislation to censor social media websites under the guise of fighting looters and criminals. That crisis was a shadow of what is to come.


Imagine what will happen in the wake of a new state terror attack in America. Martial Law will become a reality. Obama will officially declare that America is in a state of emergency, and his partners in crime in England and France will follow his example. Or events towards the public declaration of Martial Law may unfold from the other side of the Atlantic.


On the face of it, the censorship of terrorist websites and crackdown on the use of social media by looters and criminals seems justified and appropriate. But the whole thing becomes a farce when we learn that Western governments helped to create the terrorists in the first place, and are responsible for the dismal economic conditions which give rise to looters and criminals.


As you and I know, their war isn't really against terrorists and looters. Their war is against free speech and free thought. Western governments are cracking down on dissent and justifying their thuggery by equating dissent with hate speech. They can't stand democratic criticism of their criminal policies that have been legitimized by the Global War on Terrorism.


There is the fear that alternative news websites will be classified as hate speech and categorized as terrorism websites, and subsequently banned by government censors. In fact, that has already happened to some degree in some places. In numerous hotels in the United States you can't access It is very likely that this policy will be implemented system-wide across the West against anti-government and pro-freedom websites.


But we shouldn't give in to this fear. Only criminals fear the law and the government. Alternative news websites are the last bastion of free speech and free thought in the West. The universities and the press have failed to inform the public about false flag terrorism and crimes of conspiracy against Western democracy and human rights.


So we shouldn't watch what we say. Telling the truth is not a sign of extremism or hate speech. The insane crooks in governments that commit terrorism against their own populations should watch what they do, and prepare to face the legal consequences for their crimes against humanity.Posted bySaman Mohammadiat12:58 PM

The Great Satan sets his eyes on Iran.

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March 22, 2012 The Pentagon's Total War Against Iran Will Trigger The Emergence of A Planetary Security State The Great Satan sets his eyes on Iran.

The military dictatorship behind President Obama is preparing to wage a total war against Iran. The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order of March 16, 2012, is a further indication of this suppressed reality.


This executive order gives the office of the Presidency the power to impose Martial Law and confiscate all national resources to extend the life of the banksters' parasitic war machine that hijacked America in 1913. This war machine survives on state terror. It would've shrunk considerably if 9/11 hadn't been committed by the Bush administration and Mossad.


We must remember that America was put in a state of national emergency on September 14, 2001 by then President George W. Bush. So President Obama is merely following the plan. He is not responsible for Martial Law and the state of emergency. We knew Martial Law was coming to America and the West all along because of the unforgivable nature of the false flag September 11 events.


If a criminal clique within the world's most powerful government can murder its own people in cold blood with the assistance of a foreign government and suppress that fact in the global media, then it should not be surprising to anyone that the same criminal clique is committed to destroying all obstacles in its passionate pursuit of supremacy in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the world.


A total Western war against Iran was inevitable once 9/11 happened. There was no going back once the ultimate red line was crossed by the American and Israeli governments on that beautiful morning. 


So far, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence community have constrained their power vis-à-vis Iran, and chosen to squeeze their enemy in a step by step process before delivering their most lethal blows. They have used economic, information, and cyber warfare with Israel's help to weaken Iran's technological capabilities, blacken its image to isolate it from the international community, and stop the flow of Iranian oil to the world market.


But the strategy to disconnect Iran economically and politically from the region and the world has not worked because it is strategically impossible. Numerous polls in the Middle East have shown that most people regard the United States and Israel as greater threats to the security of the region than Iran. Iran's social and political capital is visible in Shiite and Sunni communities across the region.


And it not just in the Middle East where Iran is more popular and more respected than the United States and Israel. As Middle East expert Juan Cole wrote in late February, "Despite American assertions that Iran is “internationally isolated,” it turns out that the boycott of that country is a solidly Northern Hemisphere phenomenon and only partially successful even there. The US-led sanctions on and boycott of Iran have largely been rejected in Africa,-Asia and Latin America."


On Wednesday, March 21, Chinese official Hong Lei reasserted China's economic relationship to Iran by saying that, "China legally imports oil from Iran through normal channels in areasonable and fair manner."


In this stage of the war against Iran, Israel has taken the lead in order to take pressure off of the Obama administration in a topsy-turvy election year. President Obama does not want to be seen by the international community as aggressive towards Iran because such a transparent stance would discredit his image even further.


Some people believe that the Pentagon does not want a war against Iran. But it is hard to believe that. While the Pentagon is by no means a monolithic organization, it is led and dominated by a very criminal group of Luciferians who are seeking to depopulate the planet and turn America into a full-fledged military dictatorship. They need to start a war against Iran and trigger World War III to accomplish their two highest goals: global depopulation and dictatorship.


Sure, there are retired generals and military figures who do not want a war with Iran, but until they step forward from the shadows and demand a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks, we must assume that they're just blowing smoke up our collective asses.


As long as people are in the dark about 9/11 truth, the psychopathic war criminals and banksters will use their war machine to continue their total war against their external enemies and their total domination of American and Western politics. These barbarians will murder millions of innocent people in an evil world war war as they have in the past.


But their machine of mass murder will destroy itself eventually. The question is what will come out of the ashes of two dead civilizations? And the answer is a planetary security state.


Our moral duty as global citizens is to make sure that the emerging planetary security state is not a global dictatorship but a global federation of free republics, as envisioned by 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant in his 1795 essay 'Perpetual Peace.' For this to be possible, the American constitutional republic must be restored. And the age of empires must come to an end.Posted bySaman Mohammadiat11:45 PM

The Dawn of Martial Law Points To The Crisis of Political Identity In America And The West

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"Most of the epics have a conspiracy theory in them. The Odyssey is all about Odysseus's attempt to get home and Poseidon's endless conspiracy to get him stuck on one island or another where he can't get home from. The Divine Comedy is all about Satan's conspiracy against God's plan. So is Paradise Lost. Conspiracy is a constant theme in Shakespeare. The history plays, the tragedies. It reaches the point in Hamlet, where Hamlet has one of the shortest speeches in Shakespeare, "seeming, seeming." Nobody knows what's real anymore, there are so many conspiracies going on in Denmark. And, of course, conspiracy is very big in modern literature, even before Illuminatus. It's in all of Pynchon's novels. If you read them all, they're all different aspects of the same gigantic conspiracy, which is never quite identified. Of course, Moby Dick can be regarded as a conspiracy theory because Ahab says be the White Whale principle, or the White Whale agent, I will reap my vengeance upon him. He's not sure whether the White Whale is the source of malice or the White Whale is just an agent of some supernatural source of malice, but, in either case, the Whale is the visible target. All visible things are but masks, says Ahab. Now, there's a good motto for a conspiracy theorist: All visible things are but masks. That's for the more occult conspiracy theories." - Robert Anton Wilson, from "RAW Explains Everything: Politics and Conspiracy Pt. 2"The conspiracy to bring America under martial law is slowly coming out into the open. The veil is being lifted because the infrastructure of total control is almost complete and ready to go. All of America is now Guantanamo Bay. It is the largest terror state in history, and it is joined at the hip with Israel, another terror state.


As America collapses, it will bring the whole world down with it. During this descent into hell, the hijacked American government will do everything it can to play the role of the devil.


The demons of tyranny that possess America have been very busy. President Obama's "Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness," issued on March 16, 2012, strips American citizens of all rights and protections. It makes them slaves of criminal banks and criminal corporations that hijacked the federal government while the country slept, as Thomas Jefferson warned would happen if "the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency." Jefferson's prophetic warning went unheard by most, but not by all. 


Mac Slavoof broke down President Obama's NDRP executive order in his article, "Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency," writing:

"When implemented simultaneously with existing laws and Presidential orders, the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order establishes a clear chain of command and control over all aspects of American life in what can only be described as a police state under martial law."The reality that America can be put under martial law at the first moment of crisis, which is most likely to be manufactured by government leaders, can no longer be denied. Government leaders and the media thought police reveal the madness of the Contradictory Totalitarian State that they've built and hidden by insisting that America is not being put under martial law while the President signs executive order after executive order that does just that.


"As all Americans know," said Alex Jones on Sunday, March 18, "across the board, the Bill of Rights and Constitution is being dismantled. Europe is openly under a financial dictatorship of Goldman Sachs and five other banks. The Economist Magazine says that's a good thing, that they took over via fraud. Obama is completely financed and controlled by these same globalists that run the private, run-for-profit Federal Reserve. And now he is openly implementing martial law in this country. Incriminately, he is carrying out a foreign, corporate coup d'état, a corporate takeover by the crony capitalists that are anti-free market and who are monopoly men."


America fell victim to the banksters's tricks and clever propaganda a century ago. Barack Obama is nothing more than a RoboPresident who is following an agenda of global domination by a private cabal of financial oligarchs who put him in office. What was a mysterious plot a century ago is an undeniable reality today. And the world they have created by their manipulation of America's economic and military might is one of terror, tension, and tyranny.


II. Stateless: The New Crisis of Political Identity In America And The West


A government that murders its own people, as the American government did on September 11, 2001, ceases to represent the population and becomes its greatest enemy.


Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans are stateless. There are no more nation states. The emergence of the illegitimate global dictatorship marks the death of sovereign and democratic countries. Representative government is history. In the new global societal landscape there is an international lawless political elite, and slaves who have no rights, no economic security, and no voice in the government.


President Obama and his international banking masters can only accelerate the creation of their new dark age of neo-feudalism by terrorizing the American and global public with an endless war, and using naked force to suppress critics and dissenters.


Since 9/11, we have all been terrorized to death by U.S. and Israeli leaders. We exist in the state of political limbo, caught between two worlds, one whose death has yet to be announced by the criminal authorities, and another whose birthing process has been assisted with state terrorist events, illegal wars, economic depressions, and other engineered crises.


The American Congress and Canadian Parliament have been systematically destroyed by the treacherous North American political and economic elite. They are plundering America, Canada, and Mexico in the name of free trade. But these vultures are not law-abiding capitalists, who actually create wealth. They are fascist financial terrorists who seize national assets and public wealth, and disguise their looting by calling it bailouts and economic restructuring.


We are supposed say goodbye to our rights, our democracies, and our countries, and thank the treacherous officials and politicians who have constructed a global political state that answers to no one and shields them from justice.


Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta told the Senate that the U.S. military is loyal to the will of NATO and the UN, not the will of the American people, and then put an exclamation mark on his controversial statements by demanding that American soldiers not be armed while he lectured them on war and peace in a tent in Afghanistan.


It is obvious that Panetta, Obama, and the highest officials in the U.S. government are not loyal to the United States of America, the American people, and the American military. They are traitors who work for the private banks.


The United Nations does not represent the collective will of the people of the planet, but the private will of global private mega-banks and fascist multinational corporations that have plundered most countries on the face of the earth. So the UN is a totally illegitimate and illegal global political institution. It is not concerned with the rule of law and human rights, but with forced population reduction, financial robbery, and political enslavement. It is an institution that is rife with double standards and contradictions.


President Obama cannot justify taking America to war, putting America under martial law, and destroying the civil rights of all American citizens by pointing to the United Nations, which is nothing but a legal straw in the political wind.


The problem is people don't emotionally, politically, or psychologically identify with the United Nations, and for good reason. People don't want to sacrifice their national identities just to ensure the rise of a global financial and political dictatorship.


World peace, human rights, global security, and lawful global trade can all be better achieved outside an artificial and despotic global government that is controlled by criminal private banks and lawless corporate gangsters.Posted bySaman Mohammadiat12:43 AM

January 30, 2012 Iran Will Be Attacked Because International Banksters Are In Pursuit of A One World Colony

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Globalization, as practiced by the U.S. government since the state terror attacks on September 11, 2001, is colonization under a new internationalist flag.


International usurers aka banksters are at the tip of the spear in the economic colonization of Earth and thus they are the enemies of all nations and all laws. America is the biggest victim of their financial colonization/imperialism.


America's national sovereignty and constitutional government were destroyed in 1913 by the private banksters of the Federal Reserve cartel. Freedom became a fantasy and America became an illusion.


In the 20th century, a few countries resisted the economic colonization of the planet by the banksters. Germany and Japan resisted the banksters' economic aggression in the 1930s, which means that the governments of the United States and Britain were not the leaders of the free world, but instead representatives of the banksters' tyrannical will.


Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel laid out the case for why this historical viewpoint is true and accurate in her article on June 26, 2011, called "Japan in WWII: A Casualty of Usury?" She wrote:

"Thanks to best-selling author, David Irving, the establishment view that the United States of America became embroiled in World War II as a result of a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941 is no longer accepted by major historians. The origins of this conflict, says South African politician and noted banker, Stephen Goodson, have far deeper roots.


Goodson explains the background as follows:

During the 1930s Japan rapidly expanded her industrial production, while the rest of the world, with the exception of National Socialist Germany, stagnated. By 1941 Japan had become the leading economic power in East Asia. Her exports were steadily replacing those of America and England.Writes Goodson:

Japan has very few natural resources, so what was the secret of her success? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to return to the year 1929, when one of the twentieth century’s foremost monetary reformers, Major Clifford Hugh Douglas, went on a lecture tour of Japan.Douglas’s economic theory advocated the transfer of the money creation process from private banks, which create money out of nothing as an interest-bearing debt, to the state. This government created money he termed social credit. "Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel ended her article by saying:

"The reality is that World War II was fought to make the world safe for usury – to ensure the permanent enslavement of mankind through debt and interest."American poet Ezra Pound tried to point out this truth to the American people but he was branded as an anti-Semite and painted in the image of the crazy uncle in the attic. He was then thrown in a psychiatric hospital by the hijacked U.S. government for exercising his free speech and expressing a dissenting opinion about the foundations of America's economic and banking structure.


Ron Paul is the world's biggest monetary and economic reformer in the 21st century, and he has also been branded as a crazy uncle and a nutcase. But this is all bankster propaganda.


Ron Paul is against the banksters' wars of global economic colonization. He resisted the wars in Iraq and Libya, and he resists the war against Iran. He is the only free man in American politics who has a big following and political credibility.


Dr. Paul opposes the activities of the U.S. Empire and potential U.S. military action against Iran because he is a patriot who cares about the prosperity and security of America.


The traitors in the media and government want America to attack Iran because they want America to collapse, which will definitely happen if America fights another war of conquest in the Middle East for the expansion of a global empire indebted to international banksters.


Bankster propaganda against Iran, plus some kind of false flag attack by Israel and/or the U.S government, will be used in order to persuade global public opinion that Iran is a threat to the economic security and stability of the world. The war can only work if the leaders of Iran are painted as mad demons like Saddam and Gaddafi were.


The invasion and colonization of Libya preceded with unrelenting bankster propaganda and fake news reports of massacred civilians and protesters. Psychological warfare talking points came out of the whorish mouths of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, and other European puppets, all of whom are in the pocket of the international banksters.


On April 1, 2011, Stephen Goodson wrote an important article called "The Truth About Libya," in which he stated:

"The Central bank of Libya is a wholly-owned by the Libyan Government and is run as a state bank, issuing all government loans free of interest. This is in contrast to the exploitative fractional reserve banking system of the West. The no-fly zone and the bombing of Libya have nothing to do with the protection of civilians. It is an act of war ­ a blatant and crude attempt by the oil corporations and international bankers to steal the wealth of Libya."Libya's Gaddafi was taken out because his economic and monetary policies were a real threat to the banksters' global colonization program.


Anthony Wile wrote on May 5, 2011 in his article at The Daily Bell called, "Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack":

"Plans for attacking Muammar Gaddafi apparently go back some 20 years, and even US President Ronald Reagan tried to kill him, deeming him a threat to America power. The latest attacks are in keeping with the larger wave of aggression initiated by the Anglo-American power elite that is on to the next stage of its implementation of the "new world order." This power elite, based mostly in the one-square mile City of London, is said to seek world domination if it can get it – and sooner rather than later in the face of a growing Internet Reformation.

But there may be another reason for the Libyan attacks that explain their timing. According to a Russia Today news story, for which I was interviewed (See – Real Cause for Gaddafi's Expulsion: Wanted Gold Currency?), Gaddafi was planning to introduce a gold dinar – "a single African currency made from gold, a true sharing of the wealth."

The idea, according to Gaddafi, was that African and Muslim nations would join together to create this new currency and would use it to purchase oil and other resources in exclusion of the dollar and other currencies. RT calls it "an idea that would shift the economic balance of the world."

Syria and Iran are next on the international banksters' termination list because they stand in the way of their pursuit of a one world colony.


On December 30, 2011, the website published a piece about how the banksters and their political puppets operate in the international arena called "Model for Colonizing Nations (National Destruction) From The Banksters Handbook." It is an excellent and concise analysis of the global war on terror and America's global military operations. Here is an excerpt:

Model for Colonizing Nations (National Destruction) used repeatedly by Banksters around the World: Argentina, Iraq, Lybia, Serbia, Greece, South-America, etc. etc. Today, all nations have been placed on notice. Today it’s Ghaddafi (he was a brute but now the Lybians have gone through hell and will go through worse just like the Iraqis), tomorrow it can be anybody anywhere, or everybody everywhere…


Their Model for National Destruction uses Orwellian Newspeak and works something like this:


1. The Global Power Mafia start by targeting a country ripe for “Regime Change” and brand it a “Rogue State”


2. Then, they arm, train, finance local and foreign mercenaries/ terrorists through CIA, MI6, Mossad, Drug Cartels and call them “Freedom Fighters”


3. Then, they stage mock UN Security Council Resolutions that rain death and destruction upon millions of civilians and they call it “UN sanctions to protect civilians”.


4. Then, they spread flagrant lies through their media monopolies and paid journalists, and call it “International Community’s concern expressed by the Western Media”.


Continued. . . When the bombs fall on Iran and Syria, the world economy comes to a halt, and hundreds of thousands of innocent people die, including American soldiers, remember who to blame: the international banksters. They created the global economic crisis and they are busy creating a world war to serve as a political distraction. These evil demons need a world economy based on usury and debt incurred by wars to remain the kings of the world and the economic occupiers of Earth.


War is to the banksters what air is to human beings. They need a world war to survive and retain absolute control over governments, especially the most powerful government in their secret possession: Washington.


The Beast of War grew new horns on 9/11 thanks to the creativity of the banksters and the ideological propagandists in Washington who serve their interests. The false flag attacks on that day injected blood into the dying veins of Washington's military-industrial complex, which does not answer to the will of the American people but to the demonic will of the international banksters.


But the 9/11 lie has lost its magic in scaring people. And the fear of Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program does not stir the emotions of the people. So a new false flag attack is needed to blame Iran and turn it into a demon before an attack can occur.


The new false flag attack will neutralize the global resistance to war and make the world accept a third world war involving America, Israel, and Iran as a matter of destiny and political necessity.


But the world has a choice between war and peace. If the truth about 9/11 and the global war on terror is known by the whole world then the course of peace will show itself.


The biggest lie that the bankster owned media propagates through the airwaves is that America and Iran can not be friends in the current circumstances. Journalists and pundits in the global mainstream press have waged a psychological war against dialogue and diplomacy, which makes a real war between America and Iran an inevitable outcome.


But it does not have to be this way.


Iran is not the enemy of America.


And America is not the enemy of Iran.


America and Iran must seek rapprochement and peace.


America is not acting in its interests by making threats and waging war against Iran. And there is a reason why. America is possessed by evil internationalist banksters who used psychological tricks and big lies to usurp power in Washington and gain control over the minds of the American people. They do not care about America. They are working for the destruction of America.


In 2012, America needs an exorcism to cast out these insane and evil demons, not another politically managed election in which both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are the puppets of the banksters.


World War III must be prevented. The survival of both America and Iran is at stake.


There is no point in fighting a war with each other over nothing. This insane and criminal war will destroy America and Iran, and benefit the enemy of both countries and all mankind: international satanic banksters.Posted bySaman Mohammadiat9:54 PM

Ten Red Lines Washington's Totalitarian Terrorist State Has Crossed

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January 27, 2012 Ten Red Lines Washington's Totalitarian Terrorist State Has CrossedThe government in Washington is a failed terrorist state. It can no longer manage American public opinion, its violations of international law are resented by many nations, and it has failed to psychologically dominate the world by unleashing terror at home and abroad.


To put it simply, nations are not afraid of America because it has military strength combined with political vision, rather, they are afraid because America's leaders are insane and self-destructive. In other words, they are afraid of a failed terrorist state, not a global superpower.


US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta likes to speak about "red lines." An example he gives is Iran closing the Straits of Hormuz. That's a red line in the eyes of the managers of Washington's failed terrorist state.

In an alternative universe, one in which America was not the global bully, red lines in relation with foreign enemies would be reasonable and necessary. Red lines are needed in international relations. They establish boundaries and help antagonistic nations to keep the peace.


In history, aggressive nations led by despots and thugs have not recognized red lines, whether political or moral, artificial or natural. Nazi Germany crossed many red lines before it was finally pushed back and defeated. Israel has crossed one red line after another vis-à-vis the Palestinians and the Arabs.


Israel's failed terrorist state crossed the ultimate red line along with Washington's failed terrorist state on September 11, 2001. By murdering three thousand Americans in an act of cold blood, both terrorist states erased all red lines and proceeded to spread terror and tyranny across the Middle East and the West.


Below, I list ten red lines that Washington's failed totalitarian terrorist state has crossed vis-à-vis the American people.


1. Killing three thousand American citizens on September 11, 2001 in one of the biggest acts of state terror and mass murder by any state in the history of mankind.


2. Assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King Jr by the shadow CIA, shadow FBI, and other tentacles of the illegitimate National Security State.


3. Political parties stealing elections and mainstream media outlets engaging in election fraud by using perception management techniques to dismiss the popularity of anti-Establishment candidates like Ron Paul.


4. Destruction of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by the NWO traitors, who are full of hate and venom towards the American people and the human race.


5. Destruction of the U.S. economy by the private Federal Reserve System, multinational corporations, and government regulations designed by NWO traitors. The Federal Reserve's financial crimes and cover-ups from 1913 to 2012 reveals a legacy of fraud, deception, and high treason.


6. The cover-up of Barack Obama's CIA background by U.S. government authorities and the establishment media.


7. The CIA shipping in drugs from Latin America and Afghanistan into America, and creating in the process a drug economy, a parapolitical structure in Washington, a prison-industrial complex, and many other evils.


8. Making indefinite detention of American citizens legal in the 2012 NDAA Act without giving any justification or explanation other than pointing to the invented boogeyman "Al-Qaeda" as the impetus for the law.


9. Turning North America into a military battlefield and threatening to use brute force against dissidents and activists who have been branded as "domestic terrorists" and "anti-government extremists."


10. Waging war against the rights, security, and happiness of the American people, as well as the people of many other nations, including Canada.


Washington's failed totalitarian terrorist state has crossed many other red lines. It does not recognize basic human morality, human rights, or international law. As a result of its arrogance and decadence, it shares the fate of all naked emperors in the history of civilization, which is political death and collapse.  By Saman Mohammadi

Pray, Prepare and Take Action

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The impostor in chief will do anything to subjugate Americans, shred the constitution, destroy our economy and take our guns.



He and his masters only have a few more months to complete their planned destruction of this country until the next Manchurian Candidate is placed in office. His blind followers thought his "hope and change" would be good for the country, and amazingly, many still believe it! How much proof do we need? He's placed several members of the Muslim Brotherhood in office. He and his masters directly train, support and fund ISIS with our tax dollars. The list goes on and on. This is in our face folks!


In his recent address to the nation, our so called leader, frustrated by Congress, vowed to use “whatever power this office holds” to put in place gun control measures. You know what this means folks. Another executive order. California governor Brown just signed another bill on gun control giving authorities even more control and California has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the nation.


An example of what he and his handlers will do to complete their agenda is clearly exposed in the Sandy Hook supposed "massacre". This is just one example of their staged false flag events. It takes an open mind and significant background research and understanding to get past the "cognitive dissonance" to accept what truly happened in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012. On the surface it appears to be another massacre because the media does their spin job of fleecing the public. It's what they do because they are part of the problem. However, there are many clues and much evidence that has proven beyond any doubt that this was a staged event. The PTB are using this to convince the public that we need more gun control. Veterans Today investigative journalists have done the best job exposing this hoax. Here is just one of their many articles:


Dr. Kevin Barret and Tony Hall have a special radio show called "False Flag Weekly News" exposing all of these events to make the public aware.



A 426 page book, written by author James Fetzer about the Sandy Hook hoax, can be found here for free on PDF. It was removed from Amazon for obvious reasons by the PTB. Here's a link to the book:



Why is it important to understand these events? Because if the majority of the people understood what was really going on we would have pushed back years ago, and most likely, we would not be facing the dire set of consequences staring us in the face now. Most people are asleep or in denial. We have enjoyed a sense of security and prosperity for a long time in this nation but the house of cards is falling. Can we say that this was a false sense of security and prosperity? You decide. The true numbers/statistics don't lie but there is not doubt that God has blessed this nation but we now need His mercy which will only come as a matter of national repentance at this stage of the game.


Searching for answers will only bring lies and half truths at best. This is not a reliable source for truth in my opinion. This husband and wife team, somehow working alone, are able to sift through millions of issues, documents, etc to come to believable conclusions about nearly everything? Give me a break. I have not been able to follow their money trail yet to find out who they really answer to but I am very suspect because much of their answers are heavily swayed to the liberal left.



The second amendment is the only form of physical protection we have against enemies. Leaders of countries know that in order to facilitate a complete take over of a nation the guns must be confiscated from its citizens. History proves this. Here are some statistics revealing what happens when guns are confiscated from the people;





Before we passively allow the Obama administration strip away our last line of defense from an increasingly totalitarian government, by acquiescing to the United Nations and American advocates for gun control, perhaps we should examine the end game resulting from past gun control efforts:


1. In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves against their ethnic-cleansing government, were arrested and exterminated.


2. In 1929, the former Soviet Union established gun control as a means of controlling the “more difficult” of their citizens. From 1929 to the death of Stalin, 40 million Soviets met an untimely end at the hand of various governmental agencies as they were arrested and exterminated.


3. After the rise of the Nazi’s, Germany established their version of gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves against the “Brown Shirts”, were arrested and exterminated. Interestingly, the Brown Shirts were eventually targeted for extermination themselves following their blind acts of allegiance to Hitler. Any American military and police would be wise to grasp the historical significance of the Brown Shirts’ fate.


4. After Communist China established gun control in 1935, an estimated 50 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves against their fascist leaders, were arrested and exterminated.


5. Closer to home, Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayans, unable to defend themselves against their ruthless dictatorship, were arrested and exterminated.


6. Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves from their dictatorial government, were arrested and exterminated.


7. Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million of the “educated” people, unable to defend themselves against their fascist government, were arrested and exterminated.


8. In 1994, Rwanda disarmed the Tutsi people and being unable to defend themselves from their totalitarian government, nearly one million were summarily executed.


The total numbers of victims who lost their lives because of gun control is approximately 70 million people in the 20th century. The historical voices from 70 million corpses speak loudly and clearly to those Americans who are advocating for a de facto gun ban. Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined. Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals and it all followed gun control.



Dave Hodges said: Historically, American gun control legislation has been imitating Hitler’s Nazi Germany gun control legislation for quite some time. Consider the key provisions of the Nazi Weapons Act of 1938 and compare it with the United States Gun Control Act of 1968. The parallels of both the provisions and the legal language are eerily similar.


We are past the point of political solutions in my opinion. Historically, regardless of the left vs right, Democrat vs Republican, we still continue down the same path. During a conservative leadership things historically, but temporarily, improve. However, we eventually head down the same path as before, toward the same endgame. Why is that? It's because the leadership have been compromised and we continue to make the same mistakes, electing the same officials, expecting different results without severing from the ties to the evil "powers that be" who operate in secrecy within the shadows. We must pray for divine intervention from God almighty, turn from our wicked ways and continue exposing this evil. Ephesians 5:5 - 5:15.


I take a significant amount of flack from the un-aware community for exposing this information but I appreciate those of you who support this endeavor and pass on this information. I also appreciate those in the alternative media like Dave Hodges, Steve Quayle, Doug and Joe Hagmann, Rick Wiles, Ted Broer, Nathan Leal, Chuck Baldwin, and many others who sacrifice much more than I do to wake up the masses to the truth.




Pray and prepare, 2016 will be very interesting.